Rachel Gilmore

Rachel Gilmore has worked as a leadership coach for over ten years in creative and cultural industries, helping companies put ideas into action. (BBC, Imperial War Museum, Fremantle, Channel 4 News, Purcell Architects, Clearleft, Warner Brothers, The Mill, Blink, The Arts Council, Welcome Trust, Comic Relief). 

She’s fascinated about how people behave, why they do the things they do and how it affects a creative culture. With an MSC in HR development, a Myers-Briggs practitioner, and with a diploma in coaching, she’s able to support people to identify what they’d like to change and be different and then enable them discover steps and actions to make those changes a reality. Rachel believes that people who are balanced and able to work to their potential are more content with their lives and able to do their best for the people around them and for the company they work for.