When we are established we'll be looking to do projects like this

I've only just found out about this project and it connects to my desire to take what we are doing for business into areas like health, education and communities, more importantly into areas that may not have the budgets of the commercial world. It's a Kansas State University project where a bunch of digital ethnography students live in a care home.

Smile Because it Happened” is the latest project to come from our Digital Ethnography class (ANTH 677: Digital Ethnography Field Methods). We have become known for finding “community” where many people thought community would not exist. Until now, the communities we have studied were online. This project represents our first foray into the “real world.”

If you have any ideas about organisations or communities that could benefit from this kind of ethnographic research, please get in touch. Fieldwork is just getting off the ground and we are not quite in the position to do this yet, but I'm planning on setting aside a percentage of our profits for non profits and community projects each year.

Curtis James