New service - Follow the thing - Case Study

Anthropologist Dr Tim Rice observing at Abel & Cole

Anthropologist Dr Tim Rice observing at Abel & Cole

When you supply a product or service, it's easy, over time to start to lose touch with procedures, strategy and logistics. At the same time, the growth of a company will likely see a disconnect between geographic locations, departments and people. After spending time with countless leaders, I know that when this happens, work, innovation, productivity and culture suffers, having an impact on the people working with you and in turn, the bottom line.

Over the past 2 years I've been creating ways for people to reconnect with their work lives with my company Fieldwork. This year, alongside Dr Tom Rice, I developed a unique way to help organisations reconnect with their business, services, products and people, and we called it 'Follow the thing'.

The thing is your product or service, and we document it's journey from start to finish, interviewing, observing and photographing everyone that touches the thing until it reaches the customer. It is a very human way of getting under the skin of a company that annual staff surveys will never be able to do.

We then help companies understand the findings, turning them into a workable strategy that supports people, products and services.

If you'd like to read a case study about a recent piece of work for a large organic food retailer, email me


Curtis James