Why we tell stories

Imagine a story about commuting told in numbers. 6 hours spent travelling for 200 miles, average heart rate of 70bpm, £5,000 pounds a year for the ticket. Worker scored 6 out of 10 for happiness, 5 for productivity, 3 for engagement. They wrote 2,000 words, replied to 10 emails. Some of this could be useful, but on its own, it's pretty meaningless.

Now watch this.

This is an excellent example of one of the ways we share stories about working life with clients to give them insight on what and how to make changes. It's a story captured by our founder Curtis on an overnight field trip to a workers home and back. The idea was to document and share what it felt like to work all day bookended with 6 hours of commuting. This vignette focuses on the commute itself.

When you listen to the story, you hear the human side to those numbers, which in turn enables a human response in ideas and support.

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Curtis James