Gig Economy Journals - Looking for workers to take part

We are doing some research into flexible or “gig” working, focusing on issues such as employment rights, voice, job security, pay and wellbeing.

We are looking to document three workers and to turn the resulting work into three photographic journals telling the story of their working life. This project is about adding a human voice to some of the statistics around gig working.

If you or someone you know works and makes money using or doing any of the following, We'd love to speak with you.

Deliveroo, Uber, Taskrabbit, 99 Designs, DesignHill, Design Crowd, Spires, Tutor Hub, Push Doctor, Anytime Doctor, Text Broker, WriteArm, Medacs Healthcare, Locums Online, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Fake News monitor, Professional gamer, podcaster.

Curtis James