David Sancho PHD

David is an anthropologist who collaborates in the design, development, and analysis of Fieldwork projects. An experienced researcher, David has worked in the UK, India, and Mexico and has particular knowledge and expertise in education, the middle-classes, youth, identity, globalisation, the workplace, migration, gender and sexuality, and development.

On completing his PhD, David obtained the prestigious Leach/RAI Fellowship to conduct postdoctoral research at the University of Brunel in 2013. At Brunel, he designed an innovative research project that seeks to investigate the growth of Dubai’s private schooling sector, driven by the heterogeneous educational demands of the Emirate’s expatriate population. David has published and disseminated his research widely, and is currently working on a book titled Youth, Class, and Education in Urban India.

David has a unique ability to critically engage and challenge his audience, and to make research accessible to a broad range of individuals and abilities. He is a thoughtful and sensitive researcher, open to different opinions and ready to engage in the discussions and debates necessary to achieve a deeper understanding of any given problem.