Fieldwork DIY Kit FAQ's

I've taken a photograph that I want to delete, how can I do this?

We use film cameras because there is no way to edit what is captured. This is important because you capture a moment in time that is probably worth spending some time thinking about. No-one will see the photograph apart from you or us unless you give us permission. If you actually just made a mistake and wanted to retake the photo, feel free..

do I need to use the flash?

Yes, these cameras work best when there is a lot of light. Switch the camera on and wait for the light to come on before you take your shot. We recommend using the flash at all times, even when you think there is enough light. The only time you should avoid using the flash is when photographing a screen.

What do I do if there's a prompt I don't want to do?

The first thing we'd love you to do is write down why in your Fieldwork guidebook. Has the prompt made you or someone else uncomfortable? How has it made you feel? Was it to do with timing, context, people or space? If after this thinking and writing you still feel unsure about taking a photograph, feel free to leave it.

I'm worried I'm not a very good photographer.

Good collaborative ethnography does not require super high-quality photographs. All it requires is a picture that helps you tell a story so that you can recount that story later.

Someone said they don't want to be in a photograph, what should I do?

The first thing you should do is make sure they understand what you are doing. The descriptions on our homepage, in your Fieldwork guidebook and given out to your company should help with this. The second thing you should do is find out why. Try to capture this in your Fieldwork notebook. If you aren't able to deal with their fears, try photographing someone else.

Who will see my photographs and notes?

We will agree on this before starting work with you. If you are using one of our individual kits, the work will be seen by Fieldwork and you. If you are taking part in a larger study with your company you should have been made aware of how we will use the data we collect. If you haven't, please email us.

I've lost my guidebook/camera.

Email us.

Who made the kits?

The ideas for the kits came from our own Fieldwork Laboratory. They were designed and produced by Stanley James Press

I have an idea for using the kits in a different way, would you like to know about it?

Yes, we'd love to hear from you. Email us.

If you have a question not mentioned here, please email us.