Fieldwork Photography

Using some of our ethnography methods, we photograph the working lives of people and companies in a documentary style. If you'd like to see more of our work or commission us to photograph your working life for a digital or print project, get in touch. We work very closely with designers and bookbinders Stanley James Press to produce physical things to share your story.

Before we pick up a camera, we spend a short time observing and taking fieldnotes. Along with your brief, the fieldnotes enable us to really consider the story you are trying to tell. We start capturing scene photography which means one of our team spending a number of hours observing people at work, photographing them in a more considered way, looking for detail but in a wider context. This method captures the establishing photographs, telling the story of a space and the people in it. You can see some examples of this kind of photography above.

We complete the story by photographing the details. The detail method isolates, pulling the people out of the frame, letting the space drop away. This enables the viewer to be pulled inwards towards a narrow and specific subject. During this mode of work, we scan the workplace looking for the details that help tell your story.

If you'd like to tell the story of work in your company, get in touch.