Fieldwork Retreat


Fieldwork Kit Version 2 - Fieldwork Retreat

At the end of 2016, almost two years after first creating our DIY Kit, we decided to redesign our kits and the process a person goes through when using it. We wanted to create a rapid version of our full research methodology that can take weeks and months to complete. We knew there was a need by people in companies to get back in touch with what they do and how they do it, and for them to take action on development, changes and support quickly.

It's like a spring clean for your work life

So the new kit works like this: a person uses the kit to explore their working life, answering questions using a camera and notebook. This exploration gives them quick insight and understanding on who they are and how they work. This exploration is followed up with a day long 121 session with one of our team for us to add our analysis, pulling out stories, needs, ideas and actions connected to working life from the photographs and notes. Finally, this is followed up with support calls to help implement ideas, key findings and next actions.

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A picture speaks a thousand words


1: Explore

You receive the kit through the post; it includes a notebook that guides you through the process of documenting a week in the life of you. The book invites you to answer questions using the included disposable camera and notebook. We've found through use that the process helps uncover things that have become invisible in daily life. It's also fun to act like an explorer of your life, photographing as you go. The process is very quick to complete and doesn't get in the way of day to day work. Once complete, you send the camera back to us to be developed and book your 121 session with us.


2: Clarify

During this one day 121 session, we guide you through telling stories about each photograph. Together we will look for themes, needs, ideas and areas that require more support. We'll help you explore and clarify what all these things may mean to you in the short and long term and what you might be able to do about them.


3: Action

We will take away what we've learnt during the 121 session and create a short report. We will support you over the phone with the important themes in your life, along with ideas you can work on to support and nurture your working life.


The history of our DIY Kits

In 2015 we designed and produced a kit that promotes self-exploration of work life. The kits have been used by 60 workers at Capital One to help them document and understand their professional life as part of an internal communications and culture project. We used 50 of them in the context of a wider research project at organic food company Abel & Cole, to give us access to areas we couldn't visit. The kits have also been used by many individuals wanting insight and ideas on their day to day working life.