Curtis James

Curtis's focus is on helping companies research their working life. He founded Fieldwork in 2014. It brings together a team of leading ethnographers, anthropologists and business designers to help companies hold a lens up to the way they live and work.

Curtis has helped people and companies in many different sectors including the arts, media, design, financial and technology.  Clients have included Channel 4, Experian, Macmillan, The FCA, Kings College London, Nokia, Microsoft, UBM, Brilliant Noise, Heineken, London College of Fashion and the Post Office.

Curtis spends any spare time he has photographing and observing people at work for his personal project Beyond Work.

You can find out more about Curtis at his personal blog, Instagram, Flickr and Twitter.

Rachel Gilmore

Rachel Gilmore has worked as a leadership coach for over ten years in creative and cultural industries, helping companies put ideas into action. (BBC, Imperial War Museum, Fremantle, Channel 4 News, Purcell Architects, Clearleft, Warner Brothers, The Mill, Blink, The Arts Council, Welcome Trust, Comic Relief). 

She’s fascinated about how people behave, why they do the things they do and how it affects a creative culture. With an MSC in HR development, a Myers-Briggs practitioner, and with a diploma in coaching, she’s able to support people to identify what they’d like to change and be different and then enable them discover steps and actions to make those changes a reality. Rachel believes that people who are balanced and able to work to their potential are more content with their lives and able to do their best for the people around them and for the company they work for.

Dr Tom Rice

As an ethnographic researcher Tom has conducted fieldwork in a variety of settings. He is especially interested in using film, sound recording and poetry as ways of capturing and representing the everyday practices that make up a culture. One of his projects involved a year of research in a hospital in central London. He became especially interested in the structures and hierarchies through which the work of care and treatment was organised. He also developed an interest in attitudes to work and the manner in which these link to wider institutional or corporate identities, a theme which has continued to interest him ever since.

He recently produced and presented a documentary entitled Govindpuri Sound for the BBC World Service. The programme explores the soundscape of the Govindpuri Slums in South Delhi.


David Sancho PHD

David is an anthropologist who collaborates in the design, development, and analysis of Fieldwork projects. An experienced researcher, David has worked in the UK, India, and Mexico and has particular knowledge and expertise in education, the middle-classes, youth, identity, globalisation, the workplace, migration, gender and sexuality, and development.

On completing his PhD, David obtained the prestigious Leach/RAI Fellowship to conduct postdoctoral research at the University of Brunel in 2013. At Brunel, he designed an innovative research project that seeks to investigate the growth of Dubai’s private schooling sector, driven by the heterogeneous educational demands of the Emirate’s expatriate population. David has published and disseminated his research widely, and is currently working on a book titled Youth, Class, and Education in Urban India.

David has a unique ability to critically engage and challenge his audience, and to make research accessible to a broad range of individuals and abilities. He is a thoughtful and sensitive researcher, open to different opinions and ready to engage in the discussions and debates necessary to achieve a deeper understanding of any given problem. 

Simon James

Simon James has been exploring, capturing and manipulating sound for over 20 years. He will capture the sounds of working life and turn them into soundscapes.

He has over 20 years experience producing music and creating and manipulating sound in a unique way that has resulted in invitations to perform at the BFI and Royal Festival Hall, and a sell-out UK and European tour described as "mesmerising".

His most recent radio work is a collaboration with anthropologist Dr Tom Rice, creating a sound exploration of the Gonvindpuri Slums in India for BBC World Service.

His sound design, sound engineering and music have featured on radio programmes including BBC Radio 4 Making History, Book of the Week, BBC 4 Extra readings and a recent feature on poet Andrew Motion.

His records, including the single 'The Beam' - a radiophonic ride aboard a fantastical mid century Monorail have been championed by Nick Luscombe, presenter of BBC Radio 3's The Late Junction.

In 2006 Simon produced the Arts Council funded community sound project My Noisy Matchbox, which gave older residents of Brighton & Hove the opportunity to collect and share the sounds of their lives in a 'sonic scrapbook'.

Featured as part of the Celebrating Age Festival, My Noisy Matchbox set up listening posts in venues around Brighton & Hove. The project, which in earlier stages also worked with school children, introduced people to new ways of thinking about sound and encouraged participants and audience to think more closely about one of our most relied upon, but often undervalued senses.