Our research is highly versatile and can provide incredibly rich insight into ‘real life’ practice. Our studies can vary notably in focus – they can be company-wide, or aim at a particular department or small group of people.

We specialise in research and telling stories about what it is like to live and work in a particular company, stories about what people do, bringing people a closer, fresher look at the experience of working life. We can work across multiple locations, conducting interviews, observing behaviours and capturing photographs. Read more about our researchers.

The data derived from our research is rigorously analysed, drawing connections between different patterns and behaviours observed. The ultimate goal of the ethnographic research is to develop an understanding of the meaning of the behaviours, objects, environments, social interactions, beliefs, values, and communications observed.

At the end of our analysis, our work can be delivered as a report, presentation, in workshops and as temporary culture exhibitions.

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“The upshot is that millions of people go to work each day to do things that almost no one but themselves understands but which large numbers of people believe they know enough about to set policy, offer advice, or redesign. Work has become invisible”
— Stephen R. Barley - From an introduction to 'Talking about machines'.