From Exploring to Action



In 2015 we designed and produced a DIY kit that promotes self-exploration of work life. They've been used by 60 workers at Capital One to document and understand their professional life as part of an internal communications and culture project. We used 50 of them in the context of a wider research project at organic food company Abel & Cole, to give us access to areas we couldn't visit.

The kits have been used by many individuals wanting insight and ideas on their day to day working life and the new version brings together the camera kit with a 121 workshop, followed by a simple report.

It works like this: a person uses the kit to explore their working life, the exploration gives them insight and understanding on who they are and how they work. The follow-up workshop adds our analysis pulling out stories about working life from the photographs. The analysis is all detailed in a printed report full of ideas, key findings and next actions.