How we capture the photographs

Fieldwork DIY kit

Fieldwork DIY kit

At Fieldwork, we have three ways of capturing the visual status of an organisation. The first is by giving everyone in a company instructions to capture their day using their own cameras. We send our Fieldwork DIY kits to people to do this.

The second is what we call scene photography which means one of our team spending a number of days observing people at work, photographing them in a more considered way, looking for detail but in a wider context. This method captures the establishing photographs, telling the story of a space and the people in it. You can see some examples of this kind of photography below.

The third, which I'm going to give you some examples of here is called Details. The detail method isolates, pulling the people out of the frame, letting the space drop away. This enables the viewer to be pulled inwards towards a narrow and specific subject. We do this using small compact Ricoh cameras, which are unobtrusive, quick, and can be carried in the pocket during the slow photography phase. During this mode of work, we scan the workplace looking for the details that might tell a story. Normally these are the details that everyone has stopped seeing, because they walk past them everyday. But it's these very details that require questions as to why they are the way they are.

Photography is a core part of Fieldwork because it can only show and not explain.

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