Why companies need services like Fieldwork

I'm reading Creativity Inc at the moment and I came across this brilliant paragraph that highlights a major reason why we all need outside help sometimes. I know I've felt the 'can't see the wood for trees' feeling quite a few times in my adult life and it can be debilitating.

People who take on complicated creative projects become lost at some point in the process. It is the nature of things—in order to create, you must internalize and almost become the project for a while, and that near-fusing with the project is an essential part of its emergence. But it is also confusing.

Where once a movie’s writer/director had perspective, he or she loses it. Where once he or she could see a forest, now there are only trees. The details converge to obscure the whole, and that makes it difficult to move forward substantially in any one direction. The experience can be overwhelming.
— Ed Catmull

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