Fieldwork Club

Part of our work here is about observing and getting really good at writing fieldnotes. When we are in the field we call these notes jottings. I often take myself to a cafe to practice this skill, which really does require practice. One of the most important principles in ethnography, which is basically what we are doing, is that you write fieldnotes without passing your own judgement. The focus is on capturing the what rather than the why.

This is why I practice, because it's really easy to slip into analysing what I am seeing as I am writing. It struck me that this is an essential skill required in lots of peoples lives and I wondered if anyone would want to join me in a cafe observing, followed by some critique afterwards.

It's not a big thing, I'm going to carry on doing it anyway, but if you are interested, get in touch.

Using the Fieldwork DIY Kits - James Box, Clearleft

A quick video of the Fieldwork DIY kits being made