Inspiration - Unseen UK

This book has been a massive inspiration for me. The call went out in Courier, the Royal Mail newspaper, asking postmen and women to document their lives and work. Stephen Gill received over 20,000 photographs from over 1,300 postmen and women who opted to take part in this self documentation project.

Not only does it uncover the unseen 24 hour a day machine that is the Royal Mail, it also does a brilliant job of highlighting the quirks of life in the UK from a unique viewpoint.

Its these kind of viewpoints I am attempting to help people see from when they take part in a Fieldwork project. The workplace is full of unseen moments, intangible behaviours and quirks. I'm not suggesting we'll be able to get answers for everything that's captured, but I am expecting there to be some interesting and insightful discussions along the way.

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