Do one thing well

Sometime in 2013 I went to a branding workshop run by David Hieatt. I took a copious amount of notes and this was one of them. Its a phrase thats been rattling around in my brain ever since, as I've run companies and projects whose edges have felt very blurred. Fieldwork is a different matter all together, because it has one very clear purpose and a clear modus operandi.

At Fieldwork, we listen and observe people at work. That's the crux of what we do. We do this because we know it's hard to see what's going on in your own working life from the inside. We focus on listening and observing because we don't want our judgement to be effected by considering how we can fix things. That way, it's clear when we share our findings with a client that we are not trying to steer them in a particular direction so we can sell them a truckload of happiness workshops or whatever the new training zeitgeist is.

We do this because we care about people's experiences in work and life and we know the impact it can have on a person when they know someone cares about more than the bottom line.

I wanted to change that with my camera...

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