It's what you can't see in this picture that counts

Alexander Girard

Alexander Girard

I absolutely love this photograph and quote from designer Alexander Girard. I've been a fan of Girard for many years, finding out about him and his work through my interest in Charles and Ray Eames, two people Girard collaborated with. In 1952 he was hired as head of Herman Millers (the people who make those ubiquitous Aeron chairs) textile division. 

This photograph is a nod to why we have many different ways of observing and capturing the feeling of a business when we do our Fieldwork. It also brings to mind all sorts of holes often found in other research methods such as online forms and face to face interviews. Form data and interviews without context are missing an important part of the picture. It's what you can't see in this data that counts.

Inspiration - Govindpuri Sound by Dr Tom Rice

Collaborative gathering - leaving a typewriter at a company for a week