Launching a new service - Fieldwork photography

Some people have shown an interest in the photography work we do as part of our full service, so we are launching Fieldwork Photography. The service focuses on telling the story of work using photography and includes a little ethnographic research at the start of process, so we can understand what the story might actually be. We will use a lot of the methods we've developed for the full service to unearth what your company might look like.

We can help you with what the end result might be. You may just need some brilliant photographs for your website, or you might need help turning your photographs into a physical thing to help share the story of your work. We work closely with designers Stanley James Press who specialise in design for physical and print work.

You can see some photographs from a recent commission we did for Brilliant Noise here and here.

Find out more here.

Everyday Fieldwork - Rest

Everyday Fieldwork - Rest

Why we have a Fieldwork Lab