We bridge the gaps between humans at work

By listening to workers stories and observing employees behaviours, we give companies a clear and objective picture of their business that helps with leadership, internal comms, recruitment, innovation, well-being, induction and the broader short and long-term strategy. Our work enables companies to work on strategy with clarity and focus, saving time and money while actually supporting the humans in the workplace.

A human alternative to surveys

We use an inquisitive process to study the workplace that is based on rigorous research methods. We use photography, interviews, and observation to hold up a mirror to the way people live and work. We do this to shed new light on old habits, cultural things that have become ingrained and no longer serve their intended purpose, things that are invisible because they are passed every day and things that are automatic. We hold up a mirror so that companies can see the thick detail of their everyday work life that is often hidden in plain sight.

Helping companies notice things

The value is in unearthing all the beliefs, behaviours, and values that make up a company's culture. The implication is that once the culture is understood, meaningful choices are made about what can be done.








“Pulse surveys and staff satisfaction surveys don’t give you stories, they give you graphs and data, the corners and the edges of a puzzle, but you don’t get the context, you don’t get everything else. So Fieldwork’s research did that for us, it completed that picture, that puzzle”
— Claudia Ruane, People, Culture & Sustainability Director, Abel & Cole