Our story

Curtis James founded Fieldwork in 2014 after 6 years of helping companies with tactical and practical consultancy with his previous company People Who Do. Curtis came up against resistance with some of this previous work and began to realise this brick wall was connected to culture.

At the same time he had been working on a personal photography project Beyond Work documenting people at work. This project is all about documenting the working lives of people in companies, and he found that some of the things that were being captured offered real insight into the culture of a company. The interesting thing about culture is that it's very difficult to see, especially from the inside, so Curtis's independent beginners eyes enabled him to capture the thick detail of everyday life that was hidden in plain sight to the people that spent everyday at the company. 

Fieldwork takes the experience gained during the People Who Do years, adds the fresh insight and documentation from Beyond Work and brings together a team of experienced ethnographers, business designers, documentary makers and photographers to help companies understand what their culture is and how it affects every choice made.

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Do one thing well*

At Fieldwork, we listen and observe people at work and we deliver our findings as human stories. That's the crux of what we do. We do this because we know it's hard to see what's going on in your own working life from the inside. We focus on listening and observing because we don't want our judgement to be effected by considering how we can fix things. That way, it's clear when we share our findings with a company that we are not trying to steer them in a particular direction so we can sell them a truckload of happiness workshops or whatever the new training zeitgeist is.

*Inspired by David Hieatt