When you invite someone into your world, what does that experience feel like?

I've given a lot of thought to the design of a persons journey into something. I was first inspired to think about this after reading this in 101 things I learned in Architecture school a few years ago.

More recently, it's been on my mind because of visits to Punch Drunk in NYC and London. Their artistic director talks about the decompression chamber at the start of every show.

We have a “decompression chamber” at the beginning, where we take the audience through a maze to forget the outside world.
— Felix Barrett-Punch Drunk

I stumbled upon this the other day on Adweek. No big surprise that an ad agency has designed an induction box for new people that seems to consider the process a person goes through when entering into the world of Ogilvy & Mather.

The final stage of our Fieldwork will end with the creation of a physical thing that brings to life the story of work in the company using all the artefacts, fieldnotes, photographs and ideas from our research lab. Among it's many possible uses, I've always seen it being used as a way to bring someone new into the companies world.

Imagine designing the journey a person takes from outside to inside your company, what would it feel like?

If you'd like us to help you create something like this, get in touch.

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