What's wrong with big data?

"Making knowledge is not simply about making facts but about making worlds, or rather, it is about making specific worldly configurations – not in the sense of making them up ex nihilo, or out of language, beliefs, or ideas, but in the sense of materially engaging as part of the world in giving it specific material form.

Something about work at the RSA

Curtis spoke at the RSA this week, sharing his Something about work talk with an eager group of people interested in the future of work. Among the many discussions afterwards, including topics like ownership of time and loving what you do, one stuck out. One member of the audience suggested that nobody is given a job, and that everybody has a choice. There were many in the audience that disagreed with this idea.


The Fieldwork office is closed between the 31st of August and the 19th of September. Curtis and Emily (Fieldwork designer) are taking two weeks out to hike between St Bee's and Robin Hoods Bay. It's about 200 miles and will entail 14 days of hiking, thousands of metres climbed and many nights camping out under the stars.

Everyday Fieldwork - Waiting, lost, tired, somewhere else

5 people sit on a bench at Universal Studio's in Florida. The first lady looks into the distance, or maybe she is looking at a friend in the long queue opposite, hoping the wait won't be too long. The second lady stares at the park map, working out where to go next. The man next to her rubs his eyes, maybe in tiredness after days wandering around theme parks full to the brim with Thanksgiving visitors. The second man sits, staring into space, hands together, fingers interwoven, maybe with stress and anxiety. The last lady covers part of her face with her hand and crosses her legs away from the man next to her.